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Apple Creek Snow Ryders Mission Statement

  • Ensuring trail access for future generations through planning and strategic allocation of club and state trail-funding resources to maintain and improve our trails;


  • Promote snowmobiling as a family orientated sport;


  • Promoting responsible snowmobiling through snowmobiler safety, education and club group activities;


  • Participating in county and state-level associations to protect snowmobilers' interests;


  • Securing annual landowner permissions for development of club trails;


  • Fundraising to help pay for trail maintenance, trail improvement projects, and equipment.


For past Meeting Minutes, click HERE. 

2013 Brushing Day Volunteer Crew

Apple Creek Snow Ryders (ACSR) hosts Wisconsin snowmobilers on 30+ miles of trails in Outagamie County, WI.  We are located in Zones 2, 3, and 5 – parts of Kaukauna, Little Chute, Appleton, Grand Chute, Freedom, and Town of Center.  The club works hand in hand with Outagamie County, State of Wisconsin, Federal Government and private landowners in providing what we believe is one of the best trail systems in the state.


We are comprised of a fun and easy-going group of people -- some younger, some older, some new to the area, some long-time riders, some new riders, and some non-riders from throughout the Fox Valley.  The members of our club are all unpaid volunteers and are responsible for grooming, brushing, signing, and re-routes as well as all maintenance on the grooming equipment. There would not be any trails in Wisconsin if it was not for the volunteers, and they are essential to the continued success of snowmobiling in the state. Also, unlike the state’s northern trails, the majority of the trail system in Outagamie County crosses private landowner’s property, many whom are club members themselves.


Our club takes great pride in ensuring that our youth community is educated properly when it comes to the sport of snowmobiling.  The program is offered through the Wisconsin DNR and is instructed by our club members.  Our safety program is open to students at age 11 ½, and must complete the course prior to operating a snowmobile on the trail system (at age 12).


ACSR also finds it important to assist when we can when it comes to our members and their post-secondary education.  We offer annual scholarships to our club members and children of our members while they attend college.  


As of recently, our club has become involved in supporting our communities by participating in local parades.  Not only is this good for our communities, but it is great fun for our members and their families.  


In order to fund our not-for-profit organization, we have a valuable fundraising committee working hard throughout the year to endure that funds are available for grooming and trail maintenance.  We host an annual sportsman’s raffle in October that provides for most of our annual operating costs.


Drive safe and Responsibly. If you are not a member of the club, you should join one today.

“United we Trail - Divided we Fail”.


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